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Anchor Optics is a division of the Edmund Optics Company.
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Educational Documents

The following downloads require Adobe's Acrobat Reader. These instruction manuals provide information on educational projects and equipment.

Astrophotography Adapters & Kit: Information & Instruction
Instruction manual for obselete Edmund adapters designed to allow coupling of a 35mm SLR camera to a telescope. 4 pages. 1.5MB.
Binocular Photography
This is the instruction manual for an old Edmund product (70223) that allowed one to attach a SLR camera to a pair of binoculars. The result would be the binocular acting as a telephoto lens for the camera. 8 pages.
Build a Stereoscopic Viewer
Instructions on how to build a stereoscopic viewer for viewing stereo, or '3D' photographs. 4pages.
Chipped Lenses Kit
Instruction Manual that was included with the classic Edmund "Chipped Lenses Kit". Gives instructions on how to build a magnifier, a Galilean telescope, a dumy camera, a microscope, and even a slide projetor. 9 pages.
Collimating Systems
This 9 page document explains the different types of collimating systems and how to use them. Includes instructions on how to build a direct-reading, angular target collimator target.
Color Wheels
Instruction sheet for Edmund Color Wheels (obsolete) used for changing the colors of spotlights for light shows.
2 pages.
Condense and Project Light
The classic entry from the Popular Optics library. 33 pages.
Demonstration Polarimeter
An instruction manual for the obsolete Edmund Demonstration Polarimeter. Contains lots of educational information and experiments about Polarization.
Dummy Camera
Insrtuction Booklet on how to build a "Dummy Camera", an improved version of the classic Pinhole camera. 4 pages.
Fun with Fresnel Lenses
Instruction on how to build a Solar Furnace, Solar Oven, Camera Obscura, and Overhead projector with an 11" square fresnel lens
Goodwin Achromatic Barlow
Instruction manual and schematic for the Goodwin Achromatic Barlow. Other helpful calculations are included. 4 pages.
(1.3MB PDF)
Graphical Ray Tracing
The Edmund Optics Library book of the same name. Demonstrates the techniques for drawing light paths with optics. 19 pags.
Holograms: Information & Instruction
Instruction sheet for Visual Holograms once sold by Edmund. No longer sold, but contains much useful information about holograms. 4 pages.

(1.4MB PDF)
Homemade Camera Lucida
This info sheet gives instructions and plans on how to build your own 'Camera Lucida'. The Camera Lucida is a device that allows one to trace a virtual image of an object. 2 pages.
Homemade Camera Stereo Adapter
This 10 page instruction manual tells you the parts you need and the way to construct a device that will all you to take stereo photos. Combine pictures with a homemade Stereoptic viewer for a '3-D' effect.
How to Build Opaque Projectors
Booklet formerly sold as part of the Edmund library. 20 pages.
How to Build Optical Drawing Devices
The booklet by the same name from the Edmund Optics library. 19 pages.
Magnifiers Buyers/Owners Guide
18 page booklet on purchasing and using magnifiers. Explains in detail the effects of magnification and the optical systems required.
Mobile Reflected Light Image Kit
Instruction manual from obsolete Edmund reflected light image kit. The kit was for use with a slide projector to demonstrate the properties of reflected light.
Music Vision Kit
Instruction manual for the obsolete Edmund Music Vision Kit, which involved attaching a lit, reflective membrane to a speaker to make images fromthe vibration of the speakers.
Negative Photomicrography Kit
Instruction sheet for obsolete Negative Photomicrography Kit. Allowed a microscope user to project what they see through the eyepiece onto a piece of film.
Polarizing Spinner Instruction Sheet
Instruction sheet for obsolete Edmund polarizing spinner. Used to make color effects. 2 pages
Portable Light Show
Instruction Manual for the obsolete Edmund Portable Light Show. 8 Pages
Projection Kaleidescope
Instruction sheet for use with obsolete Edmund Projection Kaleidescope. Can be used as a guide for building such a device out of spare parts. 4 pages.
Reticles and Their Uses
Educational booklet on Reticles from 1955. 11 pages.
Ronchi Rulings and Their Uses
Detailed document for the use of Ronchi Rulings for testing optical quality and other uses. 11pages.
ROYGBIV Club Instruction Sheet.
Instruction manual for the obsolete Edmund ROY G. BIV club designed for elementary school students to learn about the spectrum. Good resource for learning about color and how to make rainbows using prisms. 7 pages.
Schlieren System Instruction Page
Instruction sheet for use of obsolete Edmund Schlieren system, which is used for determining the refractive index of glass, and for photographing wind tunnel effects.
Stereo Projector
Instructions on how to build a Stereo or '3D' projection system. Also includes instructions on how to build a mechanism that will allow cameras to film in stereo. Note: This is not holography.
Telescope Finders
Instructions on building finder scopes for telescopes. 4 pages.
Ultra Close Up Photography
16 page booklet on how to use a SLR camera and supplementary items to take pictures at very close distances. Techniques for photographing models, text, underwater items, and more. From 1954.
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