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4-1/4" and 6" Schlieren Systems

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Applications for the Schlieren system include: the determination of refractive index, wind tunnel research, fluid and air current flow, internal character of glass, flame analysis, sound velocity and the mass of microscopic particles. Brightness variations on the screen will occur according to changes within the medium of the test area. A 35mm camera can be added to the system, enabling a photographic record to serve as a permanent reference. For lower light intensities, a video camera and monitor combination may better enhance your total Schlieren system. Using video, your results are enlarged, eye strain is reduced and you can record your results by video printer or commercial video cassette recorder. Each system contains: 2 aluminized first-surface spherical F10 mirrors (4 1/4" or 6" diameter) with 1/8 wave surface accuracy, overcoated with silicon monoxide and mounted in metal stands. Also included: light source, assembled Foucault tester, information and instructions. We are not able to send this item to the European Union.

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Stock #   Description Price  
AX71014 4-1/4 Inch Schlieren System, 45" FL $785.00 BUY
AX71013 6 Inch Schlieren System, 60" FL $955.00 BUY

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