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Temp. Sensitive Liquid Crystal Sheets

  • Locate Electrical Shorts on Circuit Boards
  • Determine Insulation Voids
  • Map Heat Sinks
  • Easily Cut To Size

Our protected Mylar® Liquid Crystal sheets are a durable solution for thermal mapping. Three to five micron sized crystals dispersed within a polymer matrix exhibit total color spectrum response with temperature change. The LC sheets will retain their fast response and color characteristics for many months. These are durable and will not rupture unless subjected to abnormal pressure. The sheets can easily be cut to size using scissors. Excellent for a broad range of testing applications such as visual testing and evaluation. Only minimal experimentation is required to conduct tests and be able to interpret the results.

The Liquid Crystal Sheet Assortment Set includes six 6" x 12" x 0.007" liquid crystal sheets, one in each of the temperature ranges listed below. This sampler package is ideal for situations where the temperatures reached are not precisely known or fluctuate over broad ranges.

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Stock #   Description Price  
AX72375 12" x 12" x .007" 20 to 25° C Liquid Crystal Sheet $25.00 BUY
AX72374 12" x 12" x .007" 25 to 30° C Liquid Crystal Sheet $25.00 BUY
AX72373 12" x 12" x .007" 30 to 35° C Liquid Crystal Sheet $25.00 BUY
AX72372 12" x 12" x .007" 35 to 36° C Liquid Crystal Sheet $25.00 BUY
AX72371 12" x 12" x .007" 35 to 40° C Liquid Crystal Sheet $25.00 BUY
AX72370 12" x 12" x .007" 40 to 45° C Liquid Crystal Sheet $25.00 BUY
AX61161 Liquid Crystal Sheet Assortment Set $75.00 BUY

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