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RKE® Precision Eyepieces

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• Long Eye Relief

The RKE® line of eyepieces is one of our most populat designs. Originally produced for telescope use, over time they have proven useful in a wide variety of industrial and medical applications.


RKE Eyepiece 8mm 12mm 15mm 21mm 28mm
Effective Focal Length 8.0mm 12.0mm 15mm 21mm 28mm
Back Focal Length 3.83mm 5.81mm 7.29mm 11.73mm 15.67mm
Eye Relief 8.20mm 10.70mm 13.40mm 18.80mm 24.5mm
Field Stop Diameter 6.6mm 9.7mm 11.9mm 17.3mm 23.3mm
Apparent Field 45° 45° 45° 45° 45°
Distortion (0.7 field) 10% 5% 5% 5% 5%

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Stock #   Description Price  
AX30820 8mm RKE® Eyepiece $85.00 BUY
AX30940 12mm RKE® Eyepiece $85.00 BUY
AX30819 15mm RKE® Eyepiece $85.00 BUY
AX30941 21mm RKE® Eyepiece $85.00 BUY
AX30787 28mm RKE® Eyepiece $85.00 BUY

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